Faith Family Church Craft Show

If you have any question text Randy at (605)321-1091

for directions: 

Sioux Empire Fair Expo Building 100 N Lyon Blvd, Sioux Falls, SD 57107


Faith Family Church & Outreach Center

Evangelism Booth Guidelines

The following guidelines are established by the Sioux Empire Fair Association, Inc. In order to ensure the privilege of sponsoring a booth this year and future years, these guidelines must be enforced. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Each exhibitor must confine doing business in their assigned space (do not go past the line from the end of your booth poles) No walking concessions/exhibits are allowed. The sale, posting or distribution of any merchandise, products, promotional items, printed or written material except from the assigned fixed location is prohibited. Failure to comply will subject us to forfeiture of all privileges.
  • For this reason, we do not allow anyone that is not visiting our booth for evangelism purposes to take materials from our booth. This especially includes FFCO members and attenders.
  • Areas must be open, adequately staffed and in operation during prescribed hours. Staff shall be clean, neatly attired and tidy in personal appearance, hygiene and dress at all times, with uniform wearing apparel where appropriate, particularly in food/beverage operations.

The following are Evangelism Booth guidelines to ensure success in our ministry there.

  • Be prepared, this includes being confident in your salvation and in your witness as well as preparing in prayer. The prayer in your packet is not meant to be a substitute for your own personal Bible study, but it can be a help in your prayers. Remember, your personal life is the greatest witness, according to Genesis 1, everything produces after its own kind. If you are an on-fire, tithing, serving, God-Chasing kind of Christian, you will produce on-fire, tithing, serving, God-Chasing kinds of Christians and the opposite is also true. Prepare your heart. Be familiar with the tracts, 2 question test, and other materials.
  • Once at the fair, be sure that all outreach occurs within the confines of the booth. You are not allowed to pass out tracts anywhere within the booth and only then to those who wish to receive them. God has prepared the hearts of those who are ready to receive, we will continue to pray for those who are not.
  • Be sure to dress as a respectable representative of Faith Family Church & Outreach and the Kingdom of God. No tank tops, belly shirts, hip-huggers, blue jeans, cut-offs or shorts. It is not recommended to wear ties or dresses, but please be professionally casual. One idea could be—pants like Dockers and a nice knit tee or polo, which looks nice for men and women.
  • Please maintain a good, cheerful, joy-of-the-Lord attitude at all times. Give others a desire to have what you’ve got. Let show others the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE!
  • Let’s reach out to as many people as possible. Our goal should be God’s goal—that none should perish, but all should be saved and come to a knowledge of Him! We know how awesome God is and we want others to know it too!
  • This should not be an opportunity to personally counsel anyone except in the area of salvation. Our main focus is to make sure that people know where they will spend eternity. However, if someone is distressed over a specific issue, tracts are available to them. Many lawsuits have occurred from well meaning individuals trying to comfort or give advice to those who seem to be in need. Prayer is encouraged, but for your protection, please refrain from giving any kind of counsel, life direction, advice, or prophecy, including healing prayer to those that you come in contact with at the Sioux Empire Fair. People with those needs should not be encouraged to call the church, but to come to the services and offered a ride if necessary.
  • Please do not give out your phone number or address. People are more than welcome to contact the church offices at 336-2227 at any time and we will bring them into contact with you with your permission.
  • All converts should be informed that they will be contacted for further ministry and asked a good time for that contact.

Be blessed, bear fruit and win souls! You are anointed for this, it’s God’s vision!

Expect Open Doors!