Ashley Weinzetl

Kids Planet Director

Hello, my name is Miss Ashley, and I lead the awesome cadets of Kids Planet. I am very excited about the destiny and future of every child who comes through and is involved in the ministry of Kids Planet. Each week, we discover God's will, plan, and the best He has for us through exploring His Word from the beginning of the world to eternity.

Our Mission

  • to declare the glory of the Lord in the heavens and throughout the whole earth
  • to serve the Lord with gladness
  • to obey God's Word, my parents, and all authority
  • to do to others as I would want them to do to me
  • to let everyone know that Jesus loves them

Meet Dr. Rex!

Master of science and astronomer extraordinaire, Dr. Rex assists our class in investigating God's Word through science experiments, incredible Galactic Facts, and the use of his time machine. Dr. Rex's time machine is an invention of astronomical proportions which enables us to bring Bible stories to life and gain a deeper understanding of God's Word.

The Rocket Shop

During each lesson, kids have the opportunity to earn Planet Points for attendance, bringing their Bible, reciting their memory verse, and bringing a friend. On the first Sunday of every month, kids can spend their Planet Points in our Rocket Shop, which has items for sale ranging from 5 to 2,000 Planet Points. There's a lot of cool stuff to choose from, including gifts kids can buy for others!