"Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work. Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." 2 Timothy 2:21-22 (NIV)

Our goal in Escape Youth is to provide a place for students to receive biblical and spiritual truth. to receive and build on their relationship with Jesus, and encourage them to grow in that on a daily basis. We are here to stand with them and support their life goals, dreams and spiritual needs. Life is tough if you get on the wrong path, but God is good!

  • Escape Youth

    Escape Youth Ministries is for grades 8-12. Our goals are to have students coming together with other students their age to be a place to grow in God, grow in godly friendships, and keep each other accountable in their walk with God. We meet every Wednesday at 7 PM in the Escape Auditorium.

Escape Youth Leaders

Austin & Adrienne Horsley

Austin and Adrienne Horsley have been leading Escape Youth since 2013. We want to see this generation of youth walk in a genuine relationship with Jesus and step into God's plan for their life. Austin has been on staff since January 2011, and Adrienne has been on staff since August of 2012. They have been married since August of 2013 and enjoy playing board games, raising their son Archer, and hanging with the youth and friends.


Put all these important events on your teen's calendar! Every one of these events provided to encourage and strength your teen's Christian walk!! 


Mon   4th

Thurs   7th

Mon   11th

Sat   16th

Fri   22nd

Mon   25th

Sat   30th

Survivor Draft Night

United Night

Rise up Bible Study

Survivor Meet Up

Survivor  Meet Up

Bible Study

Survivor Meet Up


Wed  6th

Sat  7th

Mon  9th

Sun  15th


Mon  23rd

Sat  28th

Sun  29th

All-Church Picnic

Survivor Meet Up

Bible Study

Camp Prayer Service!


Bible Study

Survivor Meet Up

United Night!


Sat  4th

Mon  6th

Fri  10th

Fri  17th

Mon  20th

Tues  21st

Survivor Meet Up

Bible Study

Smores Day! Tribe Meet Up!

United Night

Bible Study

Prayer Night

Survivor Summer 2018!

You are a survivor, an over comer, a Champion!

The summer of 2018 will prove to be full of excitement, domination, competition and revelation. Escape youthful passions and the summer boredom by getting involved in Survivor Summer 2018! Not only will you have multiple chances a week to earn points for your tribe, you also will have opportunities to earn individual points! Join us on Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM.

What is Survivor Summer?

Survivor Summer is all about how God sees YOU as a survivor! This summer you will learn how to see yourself as a survivor and you will be equipped to STAY a survivor. Not only that, the youth group will be separated into three tribes and every week you will compete to see which tribe has what it takes to be THE survivor!

Join us every week because this summer in Escape is bound to be like NO OTHER.


How to join a tribe?

At the beginning of the summer we will have a draft night! This is where the tribe leaders will sit down and randomly draft their tribe! Keep your phone close this night, because at the end of the night you will get a phone call from your tribe leader, telling you what tribe you are on. What about all the friends you will be bringing? Glad you asked! If you bring a first time friend, you and your tribe will be rewarded with points for being a first time friend. Your friend will then get added to your tribe. After this point, any points that friend accumulates through coming or participating in games goes to your tribe and them individually.

How do I earn points?

You and your tribe will be earning points together, however, we will be keeping track of individual points also. You can earn individual points by the ways indicated about. Don’t wait to long to start racking up your points! You’ll never know when being the top point leader both on your tribe and  individually will matter.


 • Attendance to Service – 10,000 pts*

 • Bringing a First Time Friend – 20,000 pts for first time, 10,000 for every time after

 • Attendance to Bible Studies – 5,000 pts*

 • Bringing your Bible—2,000 pts*

 • Weekly Challenges—3,000 pts*

 • Pre-Service, Service, and Post Services Games (various point values)

 • Survivor Meet Ups—2,000 pts* (additional points may be given out)

 • Tribal Service (serving the church or community as a tribe) – 30,000 (can range higher, depending on the commitment) Outside of your serving commitments. It must include a majority of your tribe.

 • Social Media Post – 1,000 pts per post (must be about service or something you learned)*

 • Random Café Participation—1,000 pts*


*Individual & Tribe Points


Tribal Service Opportunities

Tribal Service is a way to serve at Faith Family Church or the community with your tribe. This is for group tribal points. You and your team have the ability to pick whichever activity/event you would like. But keep in mind, if you don’t do your best, or a majority of your tribe isn’t there, you won’t get points! This is an endless way to go above and beyond your current serving commitments to help your team make it to the top! Need Ideas? We have a few! 

 • Welcome Team    Greet a special way for a Sunday service! Contact Austin.

 • Special Events Childcare    Special services when guest speakers are here. Contact Adrienne.

 • MOTs Event    Put on an event for the kids of MOTs. Let the mom’s enjoy coffee while your tribe has events and games for the kids

                              at a local park. Contact Adrienne.

 • Building/Lawn Maintenance    Help the church with the care of the building. Contact Austin

 • Outreach Groups    Creating an opportunity for outreach for youth. Contact Austin.

 • Nursing Home Outreach    Help out with the ones we schedule monthly. Contact Adrienne.

 • Children’s Ministries Class Involvement    Choose either a craft, game, praise song, or anything creative to help in the classroom. 

                                                                                Contact Adrienne.

 • Adopt a Classroom    Take over a class! Other then teaching it is up to you! Between sound person, check in, rules, snack, the ball is

                                           in your court. Contact Austin to pick a class room and a date.