Spring Training 2021

Dear mighty man of God,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of the Spring Training Men’s Conference.

I am confident that you received the spiritual insight you needed for all the things you’ll be facing in the future.

The Word was rich, and according to Isaiah 55:11, it (God’s Word) won’t return to Him void (without life-changing results),

but shall accomplish what pleases Him and prosper you in all three dimensions of your life – your spirit, soul, and body.

I encourage you to listen to and review the messages, for I know you’ll see and hear additional truths that will

help you on a daily basis. As your Pastor, I love you and stand with you as you “fight the good fight of faith.” 

— Pastor Mike

Conference Sessions

Session 1 - Friday Night

Session 2 - Friday Night

Session 3 - Saturday Morning

Session 4 - Saturday Morning